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The World's Leading Low Cost Green Hydrogen Developer.
GHI is leading an energy revolution. Using the sustainable power of wind, water, and sun wherever they are most abundant - combined with the natural geology of salt storage - we are creating the world's lowest cost green hydrogen and green ammonia projects to power the future of civilization. Green Hydrogen International is the future of energy.

How WE

Do It


Low Cost Renewable Energy

We build large scale renewable energy power projects in areas of the world where power is plentiful. Think far offshore or in the middle of deserts.

Hydrogen Production from Water

We take water and use a process called electrolysis to split water molecules into pure hydrogen and oxygen. No greenhouse gases or other pollutants are released in the process.


Massive storage caverns created in geologically pure salt deposits act as a buffer between intermittent renewable production and customers who require a guaranteed supply of fuel.

Green Fuels Production

We deliver hydrogen by pipeline from our storage facilities to power plants, or we use it to create green ammonia or sustainable aviation fuel. These green fuels can be shipped by tanker world-wide for use in power plants, or used as a transportation fuel.
Our Mission is to transition the world to green fuels by becoming the world's most secure, bankable, and low cost supplier of green hydrogen.

Our Company by the Numbers:

1 Terawatt

Total Project Pipeline


Projects under development with Cornerstone SAlt Rights Secured


Green Ammonia Production Target by 2035

Green Hydrogen wil be a $2.5 Trillion market by 2050.
McKinsey and Co.
December 2020 Whitepaper

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